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  • Country contains "Congo"

Passion flower fruit on the Congo

Fern which grows profusely in Kasai forest

Palm Avenue at Baringa, Upper Congo

Palm Avenue at Baringa, Upper Congo. Trees of ten years' growth.

Making palm oil, Baringa, Upper Congo

Vanilla plant and pods. Temvo Cocoa Plantation. Mayumbe Country.

Coffee drying at Bomani, Congo State Plantation, Aruwimi

Cocoa pods drying at Temvo, Mayumbe country, Lower Congo

Young Cocoa Trees, interspersed with paw paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe country.

Young Cocoa trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe country.

View of Cocoa Farm, Kinyait, Mayumbe country.

House of Agent and his wife, Kinyati, Mayumbe.

View of Temvo Plantation, Mayumbe.

View on Cocoa Farm, Kinyati, Mayumbe.

View on Cocoa Farm of Temvo, Mayumbe Country.

Drying shed on Temvo Plantation, Director and chief Agent in the foreground.

Cocoa Fermenting Bins, Temvo, Mayumbe Country. Director in the foreground.

Cocoa drying in the sun with protection against the rain. Temvo, Mayumbe, Congo.

Furnace for drying cocoa in dull weather. Temvo, Mayumbe.

View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe