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  • Country contains "Congo"

Young Cocoa trees proptected by shade of Paw-paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe

Sacks of Cocoa and Carriers in the backrgound. Kinyati, Mayumbe Country

View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe Country. Congo

Passengers requested to "Get out and walk" on Mayumbe railway

Loads of Cocoa leaving Kinyati for transport down Chiloango river to avoid heavy freight on Congo railway

Cocoa plantation near the Luki, Mayumbe Country

Bringing loads of Cocoa to the train at Temvo, Mayumbe Country

Director of Temvo Plantation with family

Stack of Cocoa being carried to train. Temvo Station, Mayumbe Country

Entrance to Cocoa Plantation, Temvo, Mayumbe. Carrying loads to the train

Tapping rubber trees at Yala, Juapa River

Lulua natives pounding rubber, at Mpolo, near Sankuru, Kasai

Overseer's dwelling on rubber plantation of Banganju, Aruwimi

Mr. Harris conversing with three rubber workers in the Baringa-Lopori District, upper Congo

Ficus elasticus growing in botanical gardens at Yala, Juapa River

Superintendent of rubber plantation and farm at Banganju, Aruwimi, with wife and child

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Rubber for sale, Kasai District

Natives pounding rubber at Shamiombo, Kasai District

Man carrying rubber for sale to trading company, Luebo, Kasai District