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  • Country contains "Kasai, Congo"

The native market, Ibanshe near Mushenge, Bakuba Country, Kasai

A maize field on the Kasai

Grinding corn on the Kasai

Fishing canoe, Kasai River

Palm trees on banks of Kasai River

Natives living on sandbank, Kasai River

Clearing the forest to erect a trading factory on the Kasai

Dwellers on the sandbanks during the fishing season. Kasai

Cloud effect, taken on Kasai

Palms in Messrs. Lever Brothers' Concession. Kasai River

Wooding Post. Kasai River

Hippopotamus trap on Kasai River

Native spearing fish on Kasai River

Canoe carrying three large wicker fishing traps. Upper Kasai

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River

Pounding maize on the Kasai

On the farm at Dima, Kasai Company's headquarters

Gardens at Dima, Kasai River

Cattle at Dima. Headquarters of the Kasai Company

Zappo – Zap, village at Ibansche, Kasai District