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  • Country contains "Luebo, Congo"

Waterfall on Luebo River. Kasai District

View of the Lulua River, taken from the hills around Luebo

View of Lulua River from hills around Luebo

The falls, Luebo River, upper Kasai

Scene near the limit of navigation, Kasai River, above Luebo

Rapids on Luebo River

Market at state post, Luebo

Market at State Post, Luebo

Luebo State Post, upper Kasai

Home at Luebo of Captain Scott, who took Mr. and Mrs. Harris up the Kasai in S. S. Lapsley

Group awaiting S. S. Lapsley at Luebo, upper Kasai, when Mr. and Mrs. Harris were on board

Fetish in village near Luebo, upper Kasai

Cloth weaving at Luebo, upper Kasai