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  • Country contains "Mayumbe, Congo"

Vanilla plant and pods. Temvo Cocoa Plantation. Mayumbe Country.

View of Cocoa Farm, Kinyait, Mayumbe country.

View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe

View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe Country. Congo

View of Temvo Plantation, Mayumbe.

View on Cocoa Farm of Temvo, Mayumbe Country.

View on Cocoa Farm, Kinyati, Mayumbe.

Watering the engine with buckets on Mayumbe railway

Young Cocoa trees proptected by shade of Paw-paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe

Young Cocoa Trees, interspersed with paw paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe country.

Young Cocoa trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe country.