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  • Country contains "San Tome"

"Servicaes", graveyard on cocoa roço. San Thomé

A Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

A road in San Tomè, through a Cocoa Roca

A San Thomé policeman

Angola slaves on San Tomè

Band Stand, San Tome

Bay of San Tome with sides of Pier shewing steps where servicaes land

Cocoa pods growing, San Tomè

Cocoa pods on trees. San Tomè.

Decanville Railway on Cocoa Plantation. San Tomè.

Falls on a Roça in San Thomé

Fetish house, or wayside chapel, containing crucifix, S[an] Thomé

Henequen plant on roadside of San Thomé

In one of the groves on San Tomè, Roca.

Interior of ruined church, San Thomé. Built in 15th century

Palm oil light in ruined church, San Thomé, said to have been burning for centuries. Bottles of oil for fuel are gifts of the people

Path through Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

Rocky bed of stream through cocoa roça. San Thomé

Stream through cocoa roça, San Thomé, bamboos interlacing overhead

Stream through Roca, San Tomè.