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Mother and her twin sons at Baringa, upper Congo. All wearing the badge of honour across the forehead

Kasai woman

Mother and child of Mongo tribe, upper Congo

Half-cast[e] child of Belgian trader, Kasai

Lulua woman, Kasai

Priests on Eloby Island, with their native lads

Zappo Zap woman at Ibanshe, Kasai

Senegalese family at Gabon, French Congo

Head-binding of infant, Bangala district. Upper Congo

Sleeping sickness patient with his mother at the Lazarette, Coquilhatville

Baluba women in market at Ibanshe, Kasai

Native trader and family at Landana


A Congo chief with a few of his reputed 1000 wives

Zappo – Zap, village at Ibansche, Kasai District

Gardens at Dima, Kasai River

Pounding maize on the Kasai

Long Beard touching the ground. The pride of the Congo chief

Mr Harris and the mutilated Congo lad, Impongi

Camping for the night at Bolombo, on journey from Baringa to Ikelemba River

No original caption Mrs Harris with group of African soldiers and others