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Senegalese family at Gabon, French Congo

Head-binding of infant, Bangala district. Upper Congo

Sleeping sickness patient with his mother at the Lazarette, Coquilhatville

Elephantiasis in breast and foot. Kasai

Baluba women in market at Ibanshe, Kasai

Native trader and family at Landana

Twins fetish at Bopoto, upper Congo


A Congo chief with a few of his reputed 1000 wives

Pot making at Bopoto, upper Congo

Zappo – Zap, village at Ibansche, Kasai District

Pounding maize on the Kasai

Mr. and Mrs. Harris conversing with chief in Bangala territory

Mongo woman at Bokeri, Baringa – Lopori District, upper Congo

Fish market on the lagoon shore, Loanda

Woman catching shells with basket in surf. Shells exported from Loanda for decorative work

Women washing in river at Novo Redondo, Angola

Market at state post, Luebo

Native market, Baringa, Upper Congo

Grinding corn on the Kasai

Crowd at Yalemba, awaiting arrival of the S. S. Endeavour