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Cocoa barrels rolled down from the hinterland to the coast.

Mr. Harris and Interpreter at Benguella, conversing with repatriated slaves who are sick.

Repartiated servicaes about to go ashore at Novo Redondo

Passengers requested to "Get out and walk" on Mayumbe railway

Repartiated servicaes on board the S.S. "Zaire" about to land at Novo Redondo

Director of Temvo Plantation with family

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Natives of Bomati dancing on receipt of news that rubber tax was at an end

The formation of a new mission station at Euli, Ikelemba River, upper Congo

Congo [photograph of a village, caption incomplete]

Wayside market in Loanda

Native market in Loanda

Mother of the mutilated lad, Impongi. Background shews [sic] house barricaded against nightly prowls of leopards

Girls being trained by coloured lady at Luebo, Kasai

One of the Congo state chefferies with his wives

Coloured lady with native girls in training at Luebo, Kasai

Bible Society's depot, Accra

Crowd at Yalemba, awaiting arrival of the S. S. Endeavour

Grinding corn on the Kasai

Native market, Baringa, Upper Congo