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A young heifer of five months, reared on the Aruwimi

Acacia avenue at Barumba on main Congo. Opposite mouth of the Aruwimi

Aruwimi chief wearing hat of monkey skin

Aruwimi natives with peculiar headdress

Canoe carrying produce on Aruwimi River

Canoe with produce on the Aruwimi

Canoeing on the Aruwimi. Mrs. Harris and native attendants in foreground

Cattle rearing on the Aruwimi

Coffee drying at Bomani, Congo State Plantation, Aruwimi

Evening scene in riverside village of Boondi, Aruwimi. Oldest residents saw Stanley pass down from Yambuya to Basoko

Overseer's dwelling on rubber plantation of Banganju, Aruwimi

Rapids at Yambuya, Aruwimi River

Rapids at Yambuya, Aruwimi River

Superintendent of rubber plantation and farm at Banganju, Aruwimi, with wife and child

Young Aruwimi chief