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Bolobo traders with their produce, brought by canoe over 200 miles

Trading canoes at Leopoldville

Fishing canoe, Kasai River

Canoes which have carried produce of Bolobo native traders to Leopoldville

Flotilla of tiny canoes, Baringa beach, upper Congo

Canoe carrying three large wicker fishing traps. Upper Kasai

On the banks of the Bocima River, tributary of the Mongalla, awaiting canoes for transporting carriers and loads

Mr. Harris greeting old chief on Bopoto Beach, upper Congo

Canoe with produce on the Aruwimi

Canoe laden with produce, Lulanga River. Upper Congo

Canoe carrying produce on Aruwimi River

Canoe at Baringa racing alongside that carrying Mr. and Mrs. Harris and carriers

Large canoe in which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled up the Maringa River

Chief with wives bringing in fuel by canoe. Taken in creek near Basankusu. Old Abir territory