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Agent of Katanga Company, Kasai, on whose grounds Mr. and Mrs. Harris encamped whilst waiting for steamer

No caption [Mr. Harris? sitting in tree]

No caption [anti-slavery delegation to London?]

No caption [anti-slavery delegation to London?]

No caption [anti-slavery delegation to London?]

No caption [men being pushed in sledge?]

No caption [gun-turret? Same location as image 27]

No caption [white men and a woman in front of building]

Mr. Harris greeting old chief on Bopoto Beach, upper Congo

Mr. and Mrs. Harris with Dr. Anet and group of missionaries at Yalemba, Stanley Falls District

State doctor examining blood of sleeping sickness patient in laboratory at Coquilhatville, upper Congo

Elephantiasis in breast and foot. Kasai

Agent of Kasai Company in his garden at Bashishombe

Watering the engine with buckets on Mayumbe railway

Gardens at Dima, Kasai River

Mr Harris and the mutilated Congo lad, Impongi

On the banks of the Bocima River, tributary of the Mongalla, awaiting canoes for transporting carriers and loads

Camping for the night at Bolombo, on journey from Baringa to Ikelemba River

Camping in the forest at Bashishombe, Kasai River

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River