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Katanga Company's agent in hammock, Bashishombe, upper Kasai

Mr. Harris showing portrait of the late Lord Monkswell to Bakuba natives, upper Kasai

Mr. Harris shewing [sic] portrait of the late Lord Monkswell to Kasai natives

Crowd at Yalemba, awaiting arrival of the S. S. Endeavour

Mr. Harris shewing portrait of Dr. Thomas Hodgkin to Bakuba natives, upper Kasai

Wood cutting post above Bopoto, upper Congo. Rev. Charles Dodds on the left

Canoes which have carried produce of Bolobo native traders to Leopoldville

South African liner, on which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled, detained at Madeira to load extra coal on account of the strike

South African liner, detained to take on coal at Madeira, owing to coal strike

Taking the pilot on board, homeward bound

Portuguese trader's house at Basankusu. Former headquarter of Abir Company

Drying clothing on the Ikelemba forest after a soaking journey

A missionary's house at Yalemba, Stanley Falls District. Material imported from Europe

Mr. and Mrs. Harris conversing with chief in Bangala territory

Camping on the banks of the Bocima River

Mr. Harris firing at elephants

Home at Luebo of Captain Scott, who took Mr. and Mrs. Harris up the Kasai in S. S. Lapsley

No original caption Mrs Harris with group of African soldiers and others

Rev. John Howell Captain of S. S. Endeavour during a tornado

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River