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The falls, Luebo River, upper Kasai

Camping in the forest at Bashishombe, Kasai River

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River

Home at Luebo of Captain Scott, who took Mr. and Mrs. Harris up the Kasai in S. S. Lapsley

Canoe carrying three large wicker fishing traps. Upper Kasai

Native spearing fish on Kasai River

Hippopotamus trap on Kasai River

Waterfall on Luebo River. Kasai District

Luebo State Post, upper Kasai

Hospital at Pangu, Kasai River

Place at which Mr. and Mrs. Harris emerged after journey through Bakuba Kingdom. Kasai Company's post, Bashishombe, Kasai River

Wooding Post. Kasai River

General view of Dima, headquarters of the Kasai Company

Group awaiting S. S. Lapsley at Luebo, upper Kasai, when Mr. and Mrs. Harris were on board

Palms in Messrs. Lever Brothers' Concession. Kasai River

Cloud effect, taken on Kasai

Dwellers on the sandbanks during the fishing season. Kasai

Clearing the forest to erect a trading factory on the Kasai

Kwamouth at the junction of the Kasai with the main Congo

Natives living on sandbank, Kasai River