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A maize field on the Kasai

A Sunday school on the Kasai

Agent of Kasai Company in his garden at Bashishombe

Agent of Katanga Company, Kasai, on whose grounds Mr. and Mrs. Harris encamped whilst waiting for steamer

Baluba women in market at Ibanshe, Kasai

Baluba women, Kasai

Bashilele women, Kasai

Batetela woman and child at Dima, Kasai River

Batetela woman, Kasai

Batetela woman, Kasai

Birds' nest and grass from the Kasai

Camping in the forest at Bashishombe, Kasai River

Canoe carrying three large wicker fishing traps. Upper Kasai

Cattle at Dima. Headquarters of Kasai Company

Cattle at Dima. Headquarters of the Kasai Company

Clearing the forest to erect a trading factory on the Kasai

Cloth weaving at Luebo, upper Kasai

Cloud effect, taken on Kasai

Coloured lady with native girls in training at Luebo, Kasai

Compound of Lukenga, King of the Bakuba, Kasai District