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Zappo Zap woman at Ibanshe, Kasai

Zappo – Zap, village at Ibansche, Kasai District

Workmen's dwellings at Mongai, Katanga Company's post on Kasai River

Wooding Post. Kasai River

Waterfall on Luebo River. Kasai District

View on Kasai River

View of Ibanshe, Bakuba country, Kasai

Trees uprooted and planted upside down as memorials to the dead. Custom of Bakete, Kasai District

The native market, Ibanshe near Mushenge, Bakuba Country, Kasai

The falls, Luebo River, upper Kasai

Taking the anchor of S. S. Antoinette ashore at wooding post above, Tse Modane, Kasai River

Steamer on Kasai River, carrying to the railhead an agent of the Katanga Company far gone in sleeping sickness

S. S. Lapsley steaming up the Kasai

S. S. Lapsley on Kasai River

S. S. Hemptinne on the Kasai River

Rubber for sale, Kasai District

Road clearing by women, Kasai – Sankuru District

Repairing bridge over forest swamp, Kasai – Sankuru District

Red blossom on trunk of tree, Kasai forest

Railway steamer on Kasai River