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Birds' nest and grass from the Kasai

Palm tree in grip of parasite, Kasai River

Red blossom on trunk of tree, Kasai forest

Fern which grows profusely in Kasai forest

Lulua natives pounding rubber, at Mpolo, near Sankuru, Kasai

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Rubber for sale, Kasai District

Natives pounding rubber at Shamiombo, Kasai District

Man carrying rubber for sale to trading company, Luebo, Kasai District

Native of Kasai District, with his loads of rubber for sale

Hevea braziliensis at Mongai, Kasai District

Workmen's dwellings at Mongai, Katanga Company's post on Kasai River

Native sitters – on the banks of the Kasai

Katanga Company's agent in hammock, Bashishombe, upper Kasai

Road clearing by women, Kasai – Sankuru District

Girls being trained by coloured lady at Luebo, Kasai

Mr. Harris showing portrait of the late Lord Monkswell to Bakuba natives, upper Kasai

Coloured lady with native girls in training at Luebo, Kasai

Mr. Harris shewing [sic] portrait of the late Lord Monkswell to Kasai natives

Man smoking pipe made of calabash. Kasai River