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Tablet of blue and white mosaic in old Dutch church at Loanda, depicting battle with natives

No caption [tablet of blue and white mosaic in old Dutch church at Loanda, depicting battle with natives [same image as B17, image 40]

Joshua Sarantitis, Lincoln Legacy, 707 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 2006 (2).jpg

Lincoln Legacy

This large mural by Joshua Sarantitis, Lincoln Legacy, can be read from left to right, moving from Africa to America. The shape of Africa adorns the backdrop until the wooden boards of the slave ship transform into the American flag. Around the young child’s neck are three medallions: Abraham Lincoln’s face, Josiah Wedgwood’s abolitionist icon “Am I Not a Man and a Brother,” and Frederick Douglass' face. Made up of over 1 million glass mosaic tiles, it is the largest Venetian glass tile mural in Philadelphia at over 10,000 square feet. Located a block away from the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall, it is one of the few murals to be created in Philadelphia’s wealthier districts.

Lynne Chinn, Tracks of our Past and Future,  Avenue I at 12th Place (“Douglass Community”), Plano TX, 2006.jpg

Tracks of Our Past and Future

In Plano, Texas, artists Lynne Chinn and Shug Jones created a mosaic mural titled Tracks of Our Past and Future. Made in 2006, the mural is 75 feet long and celebrates the African American community of Plano, Texas. At the centre of the mural is the antislavery leader Frederick Douglass. 

Christopher Wynter, Migrations, Glass Mosaic in New York Subway, 110th St at Cathedral Parkway, 1999.jpg


In 1999, artist Christopher Wynter created a mosaic installation at the Cathedral Parkway subway station in Harlem. He explained that the 3-part mosaic series titled Migrations “present the ideas of uprooting, migration, and progress in symbolic form." The installation features Frederick Douglass and was placed in the subway station that runs underneath Frederick Douglass Boulevard.