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Man walking up Borassus palm by means of loop of forest cane.

Congo tree which bears fruit on its trunk

Palm tree in grip of parasite, Kasai River

Red blossom on trunk of tree, Kasai forest

Parasite which grips the palm tree – in its early stage

Flowers and ferns of Central Africa

A baobab tree with pigeon cotes on trunk. Fruit of the tree eaten by Mohammedans

Congo forest fruit like luscious grapes – growing on tree trunk

Cocoa-nut palms on Eloby Island, Spanish Guinea

Fern which grows profusely in Kasai forest

Young Cocoa Trees, interspersed with paw paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe country.

Cocoa pods on trees. San Tomè.

Young Cocoa trees proptected by shade of Paw-paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe

Tapping rubber trees at Yala, Juapa River

Manihot glaziovii rubber trees at Bopoto, upper Congo

The site of an old village marked by the growth of palm trees from discarded kernels

Palm trees on banks of Kasai River

Mouth of Lomako River, haunt of herds of elephants who strip trees of foliage and also uproot the trunks

Tree oysters at Lobito Bay

Oysters growing on trees at Lobito Bay, Angola