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Mushamalengi, son of Lukenga, King of the Bakuba, set aside according to native custom in favour of the son of the eldest sister


Cicatricing, Bangala territory

Dancing woman at Ekala, upper Congo

Mongo woman of Bokeri, Lopori – Maringa District. Upper Congo

Baluba women, Kasai

Batetela woman, Kasai

Ngombe native asleep, upper Congo

Ngombe chief and his followers, upper Congo

Young Aruwimi chief

Aruwimi chief wearing hat of monkey skin

Elephantiasis in knee, Kasai District

Ngombe of Bopoto, upper Congo

A Baringa paddler – famous for his boat songs

A group of Congo women

Ngombe man of Boputo, upper Congo

The blind chief of Ndeki, Bangala territory

Aruwimi natives with peculiar headdress

A chief on the Ikelemba, who entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harris in his compound

Mother and child of Mongo tribe, upper Congo

Bakuba native shewing [sic] peculiar style of shaving the head