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Modern fetish house, near Accra, Gold Coast

Trees uprooted and planted upside down as memorials to the dead. Custom of Bakete, Kasai District

Fetish in village near Luebo, upper Kasai

Fetish house, or wayside chapel, containing crucifix, S[an] Thomé

Hunting fetish at bashishombe, Kasai District

Cicatricing, Mayumbe country

Cicatricing, Bangala territory

Style of hairdressing, Eloby Island

Ngombe native, now soldier of Congo state

Bangala tribal mark

An Ikelemba woman with tribal mark

Batetela woman, Kasai

Kasai woman

Chief on the Ikelemba

Native hairdressing and headbinding, Bangala District, upper Congo

Witch at Euli, Ikelemba

Bakuba native shewing [sic] peculiar style of shaving the head

Mother and child of Mongo tribe, upper Congo

A chief on the Ikelemba, who entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harris in his compound

Aruwimi natives with peculiar headdress