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Elephantiasis in knee, Kasai District

Fetish house, or wayside chapel, containing crucifix, S[an] Thomé

Fetish in village near Luebo, upper Kasai

Gum copal for sale

Head-binding of infant, Bangala district. Upper Congo

Hunting fetish at bashishombe, Kasai District

Hunting fetish in village behind Bopoto. Upper Congo

Kasai native

Kasai woman

Kasai woman

Long Beard touching the ground. The pride of the Congo chief

Lulua woman, Kasai

Man and wife carrying load at Ikau, near Basankusu, upper Congo

Modern fetish house, near Accra, Gold Coast

Mongo woman of Bokeri, Lopori – Maringa District. Upper Congo

Mother and child of Mongo tribe, upper Congo

Mother and her twin sons at Baringa, upper Congo. All wearing the badge of honour across the forehead

Mushamalengi, son of Lukenga, King of the Bakuba, set aside according to native custom in favour of the son of the eldest sister

Native hairdressing and headbinding, Bangala District, upper Congo

Native of Kasai District, with his loads of rubber for sale