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Natives bathing in stream on Principe Island

Natives of Bomati dancing on receipt of news that rubber tax was at an end

Native of Kasai District, with his loads of rubber for sale

Gum copal for sale

Long Beard touching the ground. The pride of the Congo chief

Natives of Nsongo Mboyo, upper Congo

Twins fetish at Bopoto, upper Congo

Hunting fetish in village behind Bopoto. Upper Congo

Palm oil light in ruined church, San Thomé, said to have been burning for centuries. Bottles of oil for fuel are gifts of the people

Witch doctor at Bopoto, upper Congo

Baluba women in market at Ibanshe, Kasai

Native style of hairdressing, Kasai

Head-binding of infant, Bangala district. Upper Congo

Zappo Zap woman at Ibanshe, Kasai

Modern fetish house, near Accra, Gold Coast

Trees uprooted and planted upside down as memorials to the dead. Custom of Bakete, Kasai District

Fetish in village near Luebo, upper Kasai

Fetish house, or wayside chapel, containing crucifix, S[an] Thomé

Hunting fetish at bashishombe, Kasai District

Lulua woman, Kasai