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The Founding of Chicago

In 1933, Aaron Douglas created a mural titled The Founding of Chicago. The mural depicts the role of slaves and free African Americans in the creation of American cities across the country. Standing in the centre of the mural, the Haitian founder of Chicago, Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable, surveys the urban environment he helped to construct. Behind du Sable, a shackled woman raises her child to view the towering metropolis. Today the mural is housed at the Spencer Museum of Art, at the University of Kansas.

Cocoa barrels rolled down from the hinterland to the coast.

Cocoa Plantation, Dodowa. Hinterland of the Gold Coast.

View on Cocoa Farm, Kinyati, Mayumbe.

Path through Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

View of Temvo Cocoa Plantation, Mayumbe

Sacks of Cocoa and Carriers in the backrgound. Kinyati, Mayumbe Country

Loads of Cocoa leaving Kinyati for transport down Chiloango river to avoid heavy freight on Congo railway

The landing stage San Tome

Bringing loads of Cocoa to the train at Temvo, Mayumbe Country

Stack of Cocoa being carried to train. Temvo Station, Mayumbe Country

Entrance to Cocoa Plantation, Temvo, Mayumbe. Carrying loads to the train

Tapping rubber trees at Yala, Juapa River

Lulua natives pounding rubber, at Mpolo, near Sankuru, Kasai

Overseer's dwelling on rubber plantation of Banganju, Aruwimi

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Natives pounding rubber at Shamiombo, Kasai District

Man carrying rubber for sale to trading company, Luebo, Kasai District

Native of Kasai District, with his loads of rubber for sale

Workmen's dwellings at Mongai, Katanga Company's post on Kasai River