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Gum copal on the Juapa, awaiting means of transport

View at Baringa, upper Congo

Watering the cattle in the river at Novo Redondo

Katanga Company's agent in hammock, Bashishombe, upper Kasai

Road clearing by women, Kasai – Sankuru District

Making sugar-cane wine on the Juapa

Putting loads on the train at Lomé, Togoland

Rum carrying at Landana

Bolobo fishers with their produce

Mahogany at Cape Lopez

Cloth weaving at Luebo, upper Kasai

Pot making village, Lulua River, upper Kasai

Bolobo traders with their produce, brought by canoe over 200 miles

Bolobo fishers with their produce

Interior of workshop, Basel Mission, Christiansborg, Gold Coast

Grinding corn on the Kasai

A wooding post on the Juapa

Bolobo fishers with their produce at Leopoldville

Bolobo fishers, with their produce for sale at Leopoldville

Native tailors at Lisala, upper Congo