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Elephantiasis in breast and foot. Kasai

Elephantiasis in feet

Elephantiasis in knee, Kasai District

Grave of young Frenchman, agent of Kasai Company, who died as Mr. Harris was going to his assistance

Hospital at Pangu, Kasai River

Leper at Euli, Ikelemba River, upper Congo

Man suffering with elephantiasis

Section of Lazarette on one of Congo state rubber plantations, Barumbu

Section of the Congo State Lazarette at Coquilhatville

Sleeping sickness patient with his mother at the Lazarette, Coquilhatville

State doctor examining blood of sleeping sickness patient in laboratory at Coquilhatville, upper Congo

Steamer on Kasai River, carrying to the railhead an agent of the Katanga Company far gone in sleeping sickness

The blind chief of Ndeki, Bangala territory