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Palm in grip of parasite

Young Borassus palm at Leopoldville

A bowl of white water-lilies, Maringa

A mango tree with fruit Leopoldville

Cocoa-nut palms in Lomé, Togoland

The passion flower fruit

Vines of the Congo forest

Cotton growing on the Ikelemba

The paw-paw fruit

Flowers and ferns of Central Africa

Wild orchids growing on banks at Stanley Pool

Freak pineapple at Kanyate, Nayumbe country, lower Congo

The grey parrot of the Congo

The frangipanni

A baobab tree with pigeon cotes on trunk. Fruit of the tree eaten by Mohammedans

Congo forest fruit like luscious grapes – growing on tree trunk

Central African fruits and vegetables

Blossom of nsesi or thatching palm

Tree laden with birds' nests

Tree ferns on the Ikelemba