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Cocoa-nut palms on Eloby Island, Spanish Guinea


The mango fruit

Passion flower fruit on the Congo

Fern which grows profusely in Kasai forest

Elephant ear plant in wet season

Oil bearing palm

Baobab tree with fruit, used as article of diet by Mohammedans

Cocoa nuts from Eloby Island

Fruit and leaf of Borassus palm

Palm Avenue at Baringa, Upper Congo

Palm Avenue at Baringa, Upper Congo. Trees of ten years' growth.

Making palm oil, Baringa, Upper Congo

Vanilla plant and pods. Temvo Cocoa Plantation. Mayumbe Country.

Coffee drying at Bomani, Congo State Plantation, Aruwimi

Entrance to Cocoa Roca. Island of Principe.

Slaves working on light railway. Island of Principe. Foremost figure that of lad born in slavery.

Cocoa pods drying at Temvo, Mayumbe country, Lower Congo

Section of slave quarters in the rear of old slave trader's house, Catumbella. Angola.

The highest peak of Principe Island. Cultivated almost to the summit.

Young Cocoa Trees, interspersed with paw paw trees, Kinyati, Mayumbe country.