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Compound of Lukenga, King of the Bakuba, Kasai District

House at Basoko in which Rev. George Grenfell died

Chinaman labourer living at Gaboon, French Congo

Offices of wealthy Portuguese merchant in Loanda

Interior of ruined church, San Thomé. Built in 15th century

Old Dutch church, Loanda, built during Dutch occupation in 1664

Ruin of a once imposing church on Principe Island

Tablet over porch of old Dutch church, Loanda, 1664

Railway bridge over Catumbella River

Chief with wives bringing in fuel by canoe. Taken in creek near Basankusu. Old Abir territory

A cool spring of clearest water at Ikau, upper Congo

A young heifer of five months, reared on the Aruwimi

Trees felled to clear site for new village

Congo state camp at Lukula, Mayumbe country

Mr. Harris with Stanley's camera. (Now in possession of Rev. J. Whitehead)

Group of native musicians sitting on banks of Juapa River. Wash Jack in foreground washing in customary native fashion

Repairing bridge over forest swamp, Kasai – Sankuru District

General view of farm buildings at Dima, headquarters of Kasai Company

A wayside station on the Congo railway

Mr. Harris and Rev. Chas. Dodds conversing with state soldiers, near Lisala camp