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A baobab tree with pigeon cotes on trunk. Fruit of the tree eaten by Mohammedans

A bowl of white water-lilies, Maringa

A bunch of young bananas with edible purple seed lobe

A Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

A Congo forest fruit, considered by the natives to resemble the imported pineapple, to which they give the same name

A field of white water-lilies, Maringa River

A mango tree with fruit Leopoldville

A road in San Tomè, through a Cocoa Roca

Acacia avenue at Barumba on main Congo. Opposite mouth of the Aruwimi

Baobab tree with fruit, used as article of diet by Mohammedans

Birds' nest and grass from the Kasai

Blossom of nsesi or thatching palm

Central African fruits and vegetables

Cocoa drying at Dodowa, hinterland of Gold Coast

Cocoa Plantation, Dodowa. Hinterland of the Gold Coast.

Cocoa pods on trees. San Tomè.

Cocoa-nut palms in Lomé, Togoland

Cocoa-nut palms on Eloby Island, Spanish Guinea

Coffee drying at Bomani, Congo State Plantation, Aruwimi

Congo forest fruit like luscious grapes – growing on tree trunk