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Stream through cocoa roça, San Thomé, bamboos interlacing overhead

Rocky bed of stream through cocoa roça. San Thomé

Cattle at Loanda

Part of Boma from the river

Rapids at Yambuya, Aruwimi River

Rapids on Luebo River

Rapids at Yambuya, Aruwimi River

Falls on a Roça in San Thomé

Cataract region below Stanley Pool

The falls, Luebo River, upper Kasai

On the banks of the Bocima River, tributary of the Mongalla, awaiting canoes for transporting carriers and loads

Camping in the forest at Bashishombe, Kasai River

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River

Camping on the banks of the Bocima River

Canoe carrying three large wicker fishing traps. Upper Kasai

Native spearing fish on Kasai River

Hippopotamus trap on Kasai River

Waterfall on Luebo River. Kasai District

American trading factory at mouth of Black River. Upper Congo

Hospital at Pangu, Kasai River