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Group of native musicians sitting on banks of Juapa River. Wash Jack in foreground washing in customary native fashion

Headquarters of Société Anonyme Belge - Busira Monene, Juapa River

Hippopotamus trap on Kasai River

Hospital at Pangu, Kasai River

Junction of Mposu River, with main Congo

Junction of the Mposu River with the Congo

Kwamouth at the junction of the Kasai with the main Congo

Lads bathing in Juapa River

Landing cargo of dried fish at Loanda for transport to the Cocoa Islands as food for servicaes

Large canoe in which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled up the Maringa River

Loads of Cocoa leaving Kinyati for transport down Chiloango river to avoid heavy freight on Congo railway

Loads of dried fish landed at Loanda for transport to the Island of San Tome as food for for the servicaes

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Looking towards the Devil's Cauldron, Matadi. Lower Congo

Man carrying heavy bundle of chicottes (whips) for use on Principe Island

Man smoking pipe made of calabash. Kasai River

Man walking up Borassus palm by means of loop of forest cane.

Mountain gorge, Mposu River, Lower Congo

Mouth of Chiloango River joining the sea at Landana

Mouth of Lomako River, haunt of herds of elephants who strip trees of foliage and also uproot the trunks