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Workshops at Dima, headquarters of Kasai Company

Workmen's dwellings at Mongai, Katanga Company's post on Kasai River

Wooding Post. Kasai River

Women washing in river at Novo Redondo, Angola

Watering the cattle in the river at Novo Redondo

Waterfall on Luebo River. Kasai District

View on the Congo River immediately below the limit of navigation

View on Kasai River

View on Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

View of the Lulua River, taken from the hills around Luebo

View of Noqui, Portuguese Congo, below Matadi

View of Lulua River from hills around Luebo

View of Baringa beach with mission steamer Pioneer at anchor

Trading canoes at Leopoldville

The whirlpools on the Devil's Cauldron, lower Congo

The sunken S. S. Matadi at Boma

The S. S. Wall steaming up the Congo

The falls, Luebo River, upper Kasai

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool