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Man walking up Borassus palm by means of loop of forest cane.

Palm tree in grip of parasite, Kasai River

A field of white water-lilies, Maringa River

Palm in grip of parasite

View on Cocoa Roca, San Tomè.

Stream through Roca, San Tomè.

Repartiated servicaes going ashore at Novo Redondo

Repartiated servicaes about to go ashore at Novo Redondo

Man carrying heavy bundle of chicottes (whips) for use on Principe Island

Landing cargo of dried fish at Loanda for transport to the Cocoa Islands as food for servicaes

Natives bathing in stream on Principe Island

Loads of Cocoa leaving Kinyati for transport down Chiloango river to avoid heavy freight on Congo railway

Repartiated servicaes on board the S.S. "Zaire" about to land at Novo Redondo

Bay of San Tome with sides of Pier shewing steps where servicaes land

Loads of dried fish landed at Loanda for transport to the Island of San Tome as food for for the servicaes

Tapping rubber trees at Yala, Juapa River

Ficus elasticus growing in botanical gardens at Yala, Juapa River

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Workmen's dwellings at Mongai, Katanga Company's post on Kasai River

Headquarters of Société Anonyme Belge - Busira Monene, Juapa River