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Backwater near Lobito Bay, the home of flocks of flamingos

Boats carrying repatriated "servicaes" ashore at Novo Redondo from S. S. Zaire

A dam in construction across the Catumbella River

View of the Lulua River, taken from the hills around Luebo

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

Natives living on sandbank, Kasai River

View on the Congo River immediately below the limit of navigation

Kwamouth at the junction of the Kasai with the main Congo

Congo River with railway cutting

Clearing the forest to erect a trading factory on the Kasai

Dwellers on the sandbanks during the fishing season. Kasai

Dam in process of construction across Catumbella River

Crossing a stream near the Sankuru

Scene near the limit of navigation, Kasai River, above Luebo

Cloud effect, taken on Kasai

Mouth of Chiloango River joining the sea at Landana

Mouth of Lomako River, haunt of herds of elephants who strip trees of foliage and also uproot the trunks

Mposu River above junction with main Congo

View of Lulua River from hills around Luebo