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Watering the cattle in the river at Novo Redondo

Man smoking pipe made of calabash. Kasai River

Pot making village, Lulua River, upper Kasai

Bolobo traders with their produce, brought by canoe over 200 miles

Trading canoes at Leopoldville

Fishing canoe, Kasai River

Canoes which have carried produce of Bolobo native traders to Leopoldville

View of Noqui, Portuguese Congo, below Matadi

Flotilla of tiny canoes, Baringa beach, upper Congo

Sunset at Cape Lopez, shewing [sic] river steamer of Ogowé

Rowing boat pulling hard against the current above the Devil's Cauldron, lower Congo. Forced to abandon journey and return down stream

Lads bathing in Juapa River

One of the narrowest portions of main Congo. Same volume of water 20 miles wide at Stanley Pool. No soundings at this point at one mile

Telegraph posts on banks of Kasai River, near Kwamouth

Women washing in river at Novo Redondo, Angola

Palm trees on banks of Kasai River

The beach at Yalemba, Stanley Falls District

Palm growing on banana spit, mouth of the Congo

South African liner, on which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled, detained at Madeira to load extra coal on account of the strike

South African liner, detained to take on coal at Madeira, owing to coal strike