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Large canoe in which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled up the Maringa River

Loading palm kernels, Cabinda

Loading palm oil at Batanga

Loads of dried fish landed at Loanda for transport to the Island of San Tome as food for for the servicaes

Loads of rubber being carried on to S.S. Antoinette, Kasai River

Mouth of Chiloango River joining the sea at Landana

Mr. Harris greeting old chief on Bopoto Beach, upper Congo

Mr. Harris writing on board the S. S. Lapsley, Kasai River

Native slaver with slave on either hand. Found on board S. S. Sapele on which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled to Angola

no caption [view of ship on water with oil rigs?]

No caption [view of village and landscape taken onboard a boat, similar to image 37]

Railway steamer on Kasai River

Repartiated servicaes about to go ashore at Novo Redondo

Repartiated servicaes going ashore at Novo Redondo

Repartiated servicaes on board the S.S. "Zaire" about to land at Novo Redondo

Rev. John Howell Captain of S. S. Endeavour during a tornado

Rowing boat pulling hard against the current above the Devil's Cauldron, lower Congo. Forced to abandon journey and return down stream

S. S. Berthe, formerly known as S. S. Lapsley, capsized at Kwamouth in 1902, when one white man and twenty natives were drowned

S. S. Hemptinne on the Kasai River

S. S. Lapsley on Kasai River