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Canoe with produce on the Aruwimi

Canoe laden with produce, Lulanga River. Upper Congo

View of Baringa beach with mission steamer Pioneer at anchor

Canoeing on the Aruwimi. Mrs. Harris and native attendants in foreground

Railway steamer on Kasai River

Canoe carrying produce on Aruwimi River

S. S. Lapsley on Kasai River

Steamer on Kasai River, carrying to the railhead an agent of the Katanga Company far gone in sleeping sickness

Canoe at Baringa racing alongside that carrying Mr. and Mrs. Harris and carriers

Taking the anchor of S. S. Antoinette ashore at wooding post above, Tse Modane, Kasai River

View on Kasai River

S. S. Hemptinne on the Kasai River

Workshops at Dima, headquarters of Kasai Company

S. S. Berthe, formerly known as S. S. Lapsley, capsized at Kwamouth in 1902, when one white man and twenty natives were drowned

S. S. Wall steaming up Congo River, below Matadi

No caption [view of village and landscape taken onboard a boat, similar to image 37]

no caption [view of ship on water with oil rigs?]

S. S. Lapsley steaming up the Kasai

The sunken S. S. Matadi at Boma

The S. S. Wall steaming up the Congo