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Workshops at Dima, headquarters of Kasai Company

View on Kasai River

View of St. Vincent, Cape Verde

View of Baringa beach with mission steamer Pioneer at anchor

The sunken S. S. Matadi at Boma

The S. S. Wall steaming up the Congo

The landing stage San Tome

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

The beach at Yalemba, Stanley Falls District

Taking the pilot on board, homeward bound

Taking the anchor of S. S. Antoinette ashore at wooding post above, Tse Modane, Kasai River

Taking skins on board the S. S. Zaire at San Thiago, Cape Verde Islands

Sunset off Benguella, Angola

Sunset off Benguella, Angola

Sunset at Cape Lopez, shewing [sic] river steamer of Ogowé

Steamers Livingstone and Endeavour in Bolengi beach, near Coquilhatville. Upper Congo

Steamer on Kasai River, carrying to the railhead an agent of the Katanga Company far gone in sleeping sickness

South African liner, on which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled, detained at Madeira to load extra coal on account of the strike

South African liner, detained to take on coal at Madeira, owing to coal strike