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Section of slave quarters in the rear of old slave trader's house, Catumbella. Angola.

Angola slaves on San Tomè

Mr. Harris and Interpreter at Benguella, conversing with repatriated slaves who are sick.

2007 Lest We Forget Screenshot.png

Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery

Lest We Forget is a travelling exhibition commissioned by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and created by The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library, and the UNESCO Slave Route Project. It toured several countries in Africa, Europe and North America before arriving in Camden. The exhibition was on display in Swiss Cottage Gallery, Swiss Cottage Central Library in May 2007. It focused less on enslaved Africans as victims and more on the ways in which they reshaped their place in history through the creation of distinct cultural contributions, including language, religion, music and institutions. Swiss Cottage Library also held poetry and discussion events to mark Black History Month in October 2007.

Repartiated servicaes going ashore at Novo Redondo

Repartiated servicaes about to go ashore at Novo Redondo

Man carrying heavy bundle of chicottes (whips) for use on Principe Island

Landing cargo of dried fish at Loanda for transport to the Cocoa Islands as food for servicaes

Corpse of servical at the gate of cemetery, with two slave carriers

Repartiated servicaes on board the S.S. "Zaire" about to land at Novo Redondo

Bay of San Tome with sides of Pier shewing steps where servicaes land

Loads of dried fish landed at Loanda for transport to the Island of San Tome as food for for the servicaes

Novo Redondo at the terminus of one of the great slave routes from Tanganyika to the Angolan coast

View of Novo Redondo, the terminus of one of the great slave routes to the Angolan coast

Group of servicaes at Catumbella

The mutilated lad, Impongi, teaching boys of his village to read and write

Benguella pier whence slaves are shipped to Cocoa Islands

Boats carrying repatriated "servicaes" ashore at Novo Redondo from S. S. Zaire

Novo Redondo, showing the old slave route on the left

The coast with fort at Benguella