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The coast with fort at Benguella

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

The Cataract region, Stanley Pool

Sunset off Benguella, Angola

Sunset off Benguella, Angola

Taking the pilot on board, homeward bound

View of St. Vincent, Cape Verde

San Thiago, Cape Verde Islands

Fish market on the lagoon shore, Loanda

Loading palm oil at Batanga

Taking skins on board the S. S. Zaire at San Thiago, Cape Verde Islands

Loading palm kernels, Cabinda

Landing stage and Bay of Principe with highest peak in distance

Woman catching shells with basket in surf. Shells exported from Loanda for decorative work

Novo Redondo, showing the old slave route on the left

Lome and pier, Togoland

South African liner, detained to take on coal at Madeira, owing to coal strike

South African liner, on which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled, detained at Madeira to load extra coal on account of the strike

The beach at Yalemba, Stanley Falls District

Rowing boat pulling hard against the current above the Devil's Cauldron, lower Congo. Forced to abandon journey and return down stream