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Making palm oil, Baringa, Upper Congo

Cocoa barrels rolled down from the hinterland to the coast.

A wayside cocoa buying Station, Mr. Dodowa, Gold Coast.

Rubber for sale, Kasai District

Man carrying rubber for sale to trading company, Luebo, Kasai District

Native of Kasai District, with his loads of rubber for sale

Young plants of Hevea braziliensis shaded by manioca at Waka, old Abir territory

Gum copal for sale

Gum copal on the Juapa, awaiting means of transport

Agents of the Société Anonyme Belge at Bolengola on the Ikelemba

Headquarters of Société Anonyme Belge - Busira Monene, Juapa River

Mr. and Mrs. Harris, with Rev. and Mrs. Longland visiting Messrs. Lever Brothers' agents at Kinchasa, Stanley Pool

The market place at Leopoldville. Stanley Pool

Katanga Company's agent in hammock, Bashishombe, upper Kasai

Native market in Loanda

Market at State Post, Luebo

The native market, Ibanshe near Mushenge, Bakuba Country, Kasai

Native market, Baringa, Upper Congo

Market at state post, Luebo

View of Noqui, Portuguese Congo, below Matadi