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Cocoa nuts from Eloby Island

Congo River with railway cutting

Diving for sixpences at Las Palmas

Fishing canoe, Kasai River

Flotilla of tiny canoes, Baringa beach, upper Congo

General view of Matadi from Baptist Missionary Society's Station – Londé

Group awaiting S. S. Lapsley at Luebo, upper Kasai, when Mr. and Mrs. Harris were on board

Gum copal on the Juapa, awaiting means of transport

Hospital at Pangu, Kasai River

Lads bathing in Juapa River

Landing cargo of dried fish at Loanda for transport to the Cocoa Islands as food for servicaes

Large canoe in which Mr. and Mrs. Harris travelled up the Maringa River

Lighthouse on rock, near Cape Verde, group of islands

Loading palm kernels, Cabinda

Loading palm oil at Batanga

Loads of Cocoa leaving Kinyati for transport down Chiloango river to avoid heavy freight on Congo railway

Loads of dried fish landed at Loanda for transport to the Island of San Tome as food for for the servicaes

Lome and pier, Togoland

Lukula Station, Mayumbe country, lower Congo

Man carrying heavy bundle of chicottes (whips) for use on Principe Island