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Huts in the Forest.jpg

Village in the Forest

Unknown.This photograph formed part of the Harris Lantern Slide Collection. Under King Leopold II the Congo Free State used mass forced labour to extract rubber from the jungle for the European market. As consumer demand grew King Leopold II's private army - the Force Publique - used violent means to coerce the population into meeting quotas, including murder, mutilation, rape, village burning, starvation and hostage taking. Alice Seeley Harris and her husband Reverend John H. Harris were missionaries in the Congo Free State from the late 1890s. Alice produced a collection of images documenting the horrific abuses of the African rubber labourers. Her photographs are considered to be an important development in the history of humanitarian campaigning. The images were used in a number of publications. The Harrises also used the photographs to develop the Congo Atrocity Lantern Lecture which toured Britain and the the USA raising awareness of the issue of colonial abuses under King Leopold II's regime. Source: Antislavery International.

Trees felled to clear site for new village

Evening scene in riverside village of Boondi, Aruwimi. Oldest residents saw Stanley pass down from Yambuya to Basoko

Village of Ilinga, where Mr. and Mrs. Harris slept. Home of mutilated lad Impongi. Houses barricaded against nightly prowl of leopards

Hunting fetish in village behind Bopoto. Upper Congo

Zappo – Zap, village at Ibansche, Kasai District

Path through gorge and village on sea shore, St. Paul de Loanda

Pot making village, Lulua River, upper Kasai

Procession of native dancers in honour of white men's visit to their village, Bolima Districts, upper Congo

The site of an old village marked by the growth of palm trees from discarded kernels

Congo [photograph of a village, caption incomplete]