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2014 (Narrative date)

ISIS has singled out the Yazidi minority, notably its women and children, for particularly brutal treatment. In August 2014, ISIS fighters abducted hundreds, possibly thousands, of Yezidi men, women and children who were fleeing the IS takeover from the Sinjar region, in the north-west of the country. Hundreds of the men were killed and others were forced to convert to Islam under threat of death. Younger women and girls, some as young as 12, were separated from their parents and older relatives and sold, given as gifts or forced to marry ISIS fighters and supporters.

Fawziya was abducted in August 2014 and was held in her captor's home with his family. She was 18 years old during her enslavement and when she told her story in late 2014.

In the first 10 days we were not molested, the men brought us food and left us alone. Then we were told each of us must choose a husband or else men will choose us. At that time we were kept together, many of us, more than 100. Then we were split in groups, six girls per group, and each group was taken to a different house in Rambussi (near Mount Sinjar). In the house where I was held each girl was with a man from Da’esh; these men were aged between 30-40 years; we were aged between 15 and 20. The man who took me as his wife was about 30 and was from Mosul. He used me as his wife for four days in that house and then took me to Mosul to his family home. His family did not agree with what Da’esh did to the Yazidi girls but did not do anything to stop it. I was put in a room with his wife, she was also from Mosul, was young and very nice to me. She has two young children, a boy and a girl, with him. His parents did not interfere, but they said that if I did not convert to Islam he should give me away or sell me, and get a Muslim wife instead. He took me and his wife and children to Rambussi and said he was going to give me back to the emir (chief). There were other girls in houses nearby and I eventually managed to escape with some other girls.

Narrative provided by Amnesty International in the report 'Escape from Hell: Torture and Sexual Slavery in Islamic State Captivity in Iraq'