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2012 (Narrative date)

Minority children and those from very poor families are extremely vulnerable to trafficking in China. A highly organised practice exists where couples have children for the very purpose of selling them. Children from minorities are also deceived into trafficking under the false promise of work in hospitality, construction and manufacturing but are instead forced to engage in criminal activity or prostitution. There are also an estimated 1.5 million children currently enslaved as forced beggars in China. 

Ly was 8 months pregnant when she was trafficked to China for her and her baby to be sold.  

I was trafficked when I was eight months pregnant. They tricked me and told me that I should go to China to buy many things. After a while a car came and took us for a ride and I had no way to get off. I was very scared. I heard them talk on their phone. They said they could sell a baby boy for seventy thousand yuan. They sold me and my unborn baby for fifty thousand yuan each.

What scared me was that if I was caught they would beat the hell out of me. I was so scared for me and my baby but I knew I had to save both our lives.  

After I gave birth to my baby we were locked in a room for about 10 – 20 days. One day, I stole their key left in the bathroom and made an escape. I was scared to be caught. So I ran in an office near there and asked the staff to call the police. I kept pointing to a star to show that I was Vietnamese. So they called Vietnamese policeman to bring me home.  

It’s good to be here [the shelter]. I have soup and milk to eat, and enough milk for my baby.  


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