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2002 (Narrative date)

There are an estimated 31,000 people living in condition of modern slavery in Israel (GSI 2018). Women from Eastern Europe, China and Ghana, as well as Eritream men and women are subjected to sex trafficking in Israel. People are often lured through the promise of seemingly legitimate jobs, only to be subjected to commercial sexual exploitation upon arrival. 

YB was promised a job as a dancer in Israel. Here she tells of her experience of being trafficked across the Egyptian/Israeli boarder.

I was promised that I would work in Israel as a dancer. Once I arrived in Egypt, I discovered that I was going to work in prostitution at a base in Eilat. I tried to run away but a Bedouin caught me and hit me. In the evening, four Bedouins raped me one after the other…after the second one I couldn’t feel anything. They kept coming back for a few rounds. I lost consciousness and woke up only in the morning in a tent with other women. The women tried to support me and said that the Bedouins had brought me to the tent half-naked and told them to take care of me. I was bleeding and couldn’t walk because of the pain between my legs…I wanted to die. I didn’t believe it was happening to me. The other women carried me until we reached the border.


Narrative provided by ATZUM - Justice Works