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There are an estimated 31,000 people living in condition of modern slavery in Israel (GSI 2018). Women from Eastern Europe, China and Ghana, as well as Eritream men and women are subjected to sex trafficking in Israel. People are often lured through the promise of seemingly legitimate jobs, only to be subjected to commercial sexual exploitation upon arrival. 

AK tells of her experience of being kidnapped and trafficked from Tel Aviv to Hafia in Israel into commercial sexual exploitation.

They invited me to a hotel in Tel Aviv. In the room three men were waiting for me. They forced me to go down to the parking lot with them and put me into the trunk of the vehicle and drove off. I didn’t know where, but later I found out that I was taken to Haifa, and they told me that a certain person was my new owner. The same man explained to me in our first conversation that he doesn’t buy women, just steals them, and from now on I would work for him.


I arrived at the hotel, but the client wasn’t in the mood and asked me to return back to the base. I cried and begged that he wouldn’t do that, because the pimp will think the client wasn’t pleased with me and I’ll get a fine He told me not to worry, he called the base and explained that I wasn’t guilty and asked that they not give me a fine. Just because of this thing, that I told someone that we get fined, they gave me a fine of 3000 dollars.

Narrative provided by ATZUM – Justice Works