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There are an estimated 31,000 people living in condition of modern slavery in Israel (GSI 2018). Women from Eastern Europe, China and Ghana, as well as Eritream men and women are subjected to sex trafficking in Israel. People are often lured through the promise of seemingly legitimate jobs, only to be subjected to commercial sexual exploitation upon arrival. 

VB was trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation in Israel. Here she tells of what she had to endure on a daily basis

He would arrange around 25 clients a day for me. I had to prepare food for him. If I didn’t prepare meat for him, his favorite food, he would yell at me and beat me. When I returned home, exhausted from all the clients, he would usually say to me, ‘It doesn’t matter how many clients you had today, I’m always the last client.’ Every night he would come to my room and rape me. He loved to hear me scream in pain.


Narrative provided by ATZUM – Justice Works