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2017 (Narrative date)

There are an estimated 31,000 people living in condition of modern slavery in Israel (GSI 2018). Women from Eastern Europe, China and Ghana, as well as Eritrean men and women are subjected to sex trafficking in Israel. People are often lured through the promise of seemingly legitimate jobs, only to be subjected to commercial sexual exploitation upon arrival. 

Here AR tells of her experience of medical care while being held in a brothel in Israel.

When I said that I wanted a doctor they laughed at me. After a month they brought a doctor and I told him that I haven’t been getting my period for three months already. The doctor asserted that I was pregnant and made me an appointment for an abortion. I said that it couldn’t be because I was careful. He insisted and said he felt the fetus, and demanded 1000 dollars from me. I objected and they brought me to him by force, but to my good fortune that day my period came back. Afterwards I found out that the doctor who checks women in the base is a veterinarian.

Narrative provided by ATZUM – Justice Works